TPAF Sulafa Embroidery Products Initiative

TPAF assistance to the Sulafa Embroidery Project in Gaza commenced in May 2011. The Sulafa Embroidery Project is a social enterprise established by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency to provide wage earning opportunities to Palestinian refugee women. The TPAF Sulafa Embroidery Projects Initiative is intended to increase from 250 to 500 the number of Palestinian refugee women beneficiaries and to enable Sulafa to operate on a profitable and financially self reliant basis. Specific objectives are:

1.  Strengthened capacity of Sulafa staff in the areas of product finishing, new product design, international market strategies and accounting;
2. Expanded number of younger women producing new embroidery product designs more appealing in international markets; and
3. Introduction of innovative international marketing strategies that highlight the human values, aspirations and appeal of the Palestinian women embroiderers.

Summaya Abu Aweda

Summaya Abu Aweda is the Coordinator of the UNRWA Sulafa Embroidery Project. Palestinian refugee women on average can earn about $100 a month selling embroidery to Sulafa for finishing into products ordered by customers.

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