TPAF is a non-political, non-sectarian, U.S. non-governmental organization with its headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

TPAF was founded in 1998 by Arthur Holcombe to provide microcredit, health education, employable skills training and other assistance to enable Tibetans in China to improve their incomes and general well-being. In 2008 an independent evaluation concluded that TPAF assistance over 10 years improved the livelihoods and health of more than 100,000 people in 98 villages of the Tibet Autonomous Region. The evaluation noted that:
  • Microfinance loans for income generating purposes to over 2,200 women had significantly increased household incomes
  • On-the-job skills training resulted in a substantial increase in stable employment and incomes for over 1,900 families
  • Practical, message oriented villager training contributed to improved health, nutrition and hygiene practices for over 25,000 families
  • Personalized training and other support enabled over 500 traditional artisans to compete favorably in local tourist and overseas markets
In 2009 TPAF began working in Yunnan Province in Southwest China, where new programs were established to achieve UN Millennium Development Goals in Shangri’la County. In 2011 TPAF extended its programs to assist disadvantaged women in Gaza.

TPAF's mission is to improve the capabilities, livelihoods and well-being of disadvantaged poor communities, in particular ethnic minority communities in China.

Support is intended to increase poor household income and food security on an environmentally sustainable basis, and demonstrate innovative strategies to achieve UN Millennium Development Goals.

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